Social Media & Information Retrieval

There has been a strong push towards ‘Web 2.0‘ and taking full advantage of social media as part of a digital presence in libraries. Many library websites, particularly those that serve the public, feature embedded twitter feeds and the ubiquitous ‘Like Us on Facebook‘ buttons. The end results of the incorporation of social media on a library website vary, but can involve more direct community interaction and a new method for disseminating news and information.

What’s often overlooked during this push, however, is the data that libraries can glean from the use of social media. What types of content shared are the community most interested in? How does the conversation continue once a library presses the ‘submit’ button on a tweet?


In LIS 750, the discussion on social media wasn’t solely an introduction to the various methods of conversation, but also on tools that are essential for libraries to utilize in order to evaluate social media efforts.


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